On “Digital Canada 150: 2.0,” by the Minister of Industry (Government of Canada)

On “Digital Canada 150: 2.0,” by the Minister of Industry (Government of Canada)

In Digital Canada 150: 2.0, the Government of Canada Minister of Industry outlines how the government has responded to increasing developments in digital technology. In the prelude to the report, previous Industry Minister James Moore writes that “digital innovations and inventions are helping Canadians live better, more productive, healthier lives” (n.p.), and that the Digital Canada 150: 2.0 plan (and its precursor) is an actionable strategy to facilitate these potential positive outcomes of networked technologies. The authors suggest throughout the document that it is necessary to provide individuals and businesses in Canada with the skills, opportunities, and protections to succeed in an increasingly networked world.

The plan includes 5 “pillars” or sections:

  1. Connecting Canadians (incl. wifi, telecommunications companies, network access in rural areas)
  2. Protecting Canadians (incl. online identity protection and anti-spam laws)
  3. Economic Opportunities (incl. resources for jobs and research in technology sectors)
  4. Digital Government (incl. open government initiatives)
  5. Canadian Content (incl. television and media in cultural heritage materials)

Overall, the plan outlines the government’s investment into digital technology, as well as relevant sectors in industry and research.

Work cited

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